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We are licensed by Certiport and Microsoft as authorised testing center to provide Microsoft Office Specialist Exams in Malaysia.

Certiport manages a sophisticated portfolio of leading certification programs including: Microsoft Exams, Adobe, and Autodesk. Certiport works with industry-leading certification providers to bring their programs globally.

We are Certiport authorised Testing Center.  We are glad to be with you on this exciting certification journey. 

Churn out Reports, letters, proposal which are professionals and neat. Excel doesn’t just allow you to quickly enter and compute data; it also has advanced analytical tools so you can discover patterns and make sound financial decisions.

Microsoft Office Specialist is the only Microsoft Office’s Skill Exam recognised and awarded by Microsoft. It is globally recognised and each certificate is valuable. They can be tracked and traced.  

We are Synergy TAS PLT .

We are honored to served you.

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We conduct training and exams online and in physical exam centres.

Being able to conduct an exam ONLINE is a great convenience for the candidates and the preferred option now. 

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About Trainer

Short Story about us and how we started this journey with MOS.

Hi, I am Lau Hwei Choong. Your trainer for MOS Exam!

Entrepreneur, business operator, Trainer, Engineer by profession, Lawyer by education.


Have you experienced this? You are seeing your colleague use excel, she flies through the software with a shortcut key. A click here and there. Done! Knows exactly where all the bell and whistles are. It looks easy, isn’t it? When you do it, it takes 30 times the time to complete the same task. Frustrating? Helpless!

I deals with huge sets of marketing data, review tables and long forms. Despite using Microsoft Excel for many years, unfortunately, I was still a basic user. Having a long history doesn’t help with proficiency. Excel is a pain in the neck.

One day it strikes me that the ability to use excel is, in fact, a skill. As long as it is a skill, with the right practice, it can be mastered!


I spent lots of time researching. Gathering the answer to how others become so proficient.

I discovered the MOS Excel Exam. Through much stumbling and frustration, I rises to be a confident pro. There was no turning back. Benefited from Excel’s proficiency I move on to master Words, PowerPoint and Outlook.


It wasn’t an easy journey for me. I spent so much time and money, walking through many disappointing MOS courses. Bought study guides and many, not effective lessons. Finally I discovered the practical approach to mastering Microsoft Office. After continuous improvement during our training with candidates we finally found the system which works. The secret lies in practicing the right way.  This has helped us increase passing rate from 50% to 93%. 


That’s why we created ventured into Microsoft Office Skilled Exam, so that you do not have to go through the same frustration I did. Acquiring MOS skill and passing exam can be made so much easier. May you too fly freely and use Microsoft Office effortlessly.

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