Exam Skills

Productivity Hack

Having an exam on the to do list and still getting along with existing commitment need some level of effort?

If you want to be more productive, you should start connecting the things you want to get done to other things you’re already doing.

Why? Because…

Productivity is the result of habit.

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Data Analyst : List of Excel skills required

Data analysis is one of the up and rising skill in Malaysia and globally. It is highly popular. It is frequently link to fancy words like big data and data scientist. In order to perform Data Analysis you need to have two types of excel skills: Data processing and data visualisation.

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Exam Skills

11 Timeless Time Management Techniques

Sitting for Microsoft Exam is not a walk in the park. We need to arrange time in order to ensure, there are sufficient time to go through the learning process effectively. Instead of managing time, it’s all about managing our self. You need to make a decision where and the way you spend your time.

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