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Welcome to Microsoft Excel Associate (MO-200)

This Course is specifically designed to facilitate passing of your MO-200 exam. We are honored to be here with you on this journey. 

This course delivers:

  • In-depth preparation for each exam objective
  • Detailed procedures to help build the skills measured by the exam
  • Hands-on video based tasks to practice what you’ve learned
  • Ready-made practice files

After completing this course, your will be proud of your progress in these areas:

  • Manage Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Manage Data Cells and Ranges
  • Manage Tables and Table Data
  • Perform Operations by Using Formulas and Functions
  • Manage Charts

Before you begin the course,
do this first !

Please download the course materials by clicking the button here. 

After download, click here to commence the lesson. 

Click below to download the Work File :

MO-200 Exam Tutorial 1

MO-200 Exam Tutorial 2

Course Content

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Exam Tutorial 1
Exam Tutorial 2
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