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Ultimate Excel
Training Programme

Pivot Tables, Data Validation, VLOOKUP's, Match, Index and SUMIF's. Familiar to You?

If it does not, then most probably you are not using Microsoft Excel at its fuller capacity.

The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Training Certification is not just the title, it equips you also with the practical know-how to increase your proficiency in using Microsoft Excel in our every day life, be it filing and reporting in office or when it comes to tabulate your own personal daily budget and expenses.

Excel is a SKILL. It can be Learnt, Mastered and Recognised.

Excel Training has evolved. There are so many convenient command and functions to ease your workflow. Once mastered this skills, Excel can be a humble and trusted friend. Making work so much smoother and enjoyable. 


So many people need Excel Training. Being a Certified Microsoft Office Specialist you can do so much more as a leader in your Team and Community. 

If you Know What to Use and How to use it. Excel can be a very Powerful Tool.

Having a powerful tool is awesome, provided you know how to use them efficiently. 


Able to navigate and call the right Excel function fast and smoothly is a skill, it can be learnt. Use spreadsheet confidently, save time and now you and your team can reserve precious brainpower on things that really matter. 

People do judge! How you use and present that spreadsheet does speak loudly about your Professionalism.

There is a huge difference between saying you are a “proficient excel user”…

and able to proof it with a Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate.

Have the skill is "good". Able to PROOF it is "GREAT"!

Imagine standing from HR point of view, you need someone with Excel skill. One candidate wrote : “proficient Excel user” while another candidate wrote: Certified “Microsoft Office Specialist” in Excel. Who would you rather promote or recruit? 

Having the Skill and Certificate to PROOF it make your life and other’s so much easier. 

Why they signed up for
this Ultimate Excel Training Programme?

Real reasons from candidates who recently signed up for this programme. 

Our Unique THREE Steps Process

Here's how it works



Learn the necessary concept and functions. Know what is what and how to use them. Get the concept and ways to use it.



Excel is a Skill it is not a spectator sport. When you see the presenter present the Functions, you can only capture less than 50% of the skill (How we know? We use critical point test. We let candidate test their skill after Video Learning, and again after their practice session. Time and again  the result shows twice better then their first attempt). 

When you put what you see into action, in the right practice environment, you can master the skills. Mastery is just about TRULY own the technique and let it become your second nature. 



Internationally the passing rate is approximately 60%. We are glad to say we have above 97% passing rate. Most importantly our candidates usually get the awesome score of 83% to 97%
(Passing score: 70%).

All this is not by accident. We put in a lot of time and effort to improve and change our system. Until we come up with this right combination and learning journey which is repeatable and able to show a consistent result. Many candidates have done it, you can do it too!

Do you think you have what it takes to become Microsoft Excel Expert?

With our online courses and Microsoft Certification you can easily do so. Get yourself equipped with both the practical know-how, as well as the Certification awarded directly by Microsoft.

Certification and Proficiency Recognised Globally.

Yes, the Ultimate Microsoft Excel Training Programme is recognised wherever you go.  We are certified and licensed by Microsoft.

We had candidates who are using them to prove to immigration officer they have this Excel Skills when they are migrating to another country. 

We also had professional candidates from MNC to prove to their headquarter that they are employed because they also possess this Excel Skills.

We also had successful candidate being successfully employed via Zoom interview because they are able to prove to HR that they possess this Excel Skills.

At the affordable price of RM 900 for two Internationally Recognised Certification

Wait No More? Get the rare opportunity to Learn and Certified by Microsoft from the comfort of your home.

Covid-19 has disrupted our lives in many ways, It also provide this rare opportunity. You can get the Ultimate Excel Training Programme at the comfort of your home or in the office without the hassle of travelling.

This is highly convenient regardless of your location is, take this opportunity and get certified today.

Skill + Certification speaks it all.
Get the Ultimate Excel Training Today!

Here's why So many people love this Ultimate Excel programme.

We think it is because of these 3 reasons

PS: If you found more reasons to love this program do let us know. 

What you will Learn?

This program is divided into 2 phases : Intermediate and Expert Level. 

Phase I : Here's what you will cover in Intermediate Level

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After this Intermediate Level you will have the ability to create and edit a workbook with multiple sheets, and use a graphic element to represent data visually.

Practical Workbook examples are use, which will  include :

  • Professional-looking budgets,
  • Financial statements,
  • Team performance charts,
  • Sales invoices, and
  • Data-entry logs.

1. Manage Worksheets and Workbooks

Set the groundwork and skills needed to manage excel worksheet effectively.

1.1 Import data into workbooks

1.2 Navigate within workbooks

1.3 Format worksheets and workbooks

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