Microsoft Word – Course (MO-100)

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Microsoft Word 2019 online training demonstrates how to use the software to create eye-catching resumes, well-formatted cover letters, engaging newsletters, and more. The Microsoft Word 2019 certification course covers creating and managing documents; formatting text, paragraphs, and sections; adding tables and lists; creating and managing references; inserting and formatting graphical elements; and effectively collaborating on documents. Users will improve their overall employability while preparing for the Word 2019 certification exam.

Feel confident, build your test-taking skills, and calm your exam fears with the MO-100 practice and Exercise lab, it goes beyond the ordinary learning course. With a focus on skill assessment and a performance-based format this course is sure to prepare you for your certification and provide you a competitive edge in today’s academic and professional environments.

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If you are working toward becoming career-ready you must have a working knowledge of Word 2019. Learn the basic concepts of Microsoft Word and build on those ideas to help you master this program. This online course will teach you how to create and manage documents, and format text, paragraphs, and sections.


  • Gain the skills and confidence required to successfully obtain your Microsoft Office Word 2019 certification
  • Test prep questions that meet all Word 2019 exam objectives
  • View your online courseware anytime, anywhere


  • Lessons with Video Training and Exercise Labs
  • Assessments

Here’s what you will get in this world-class Microsoft Word 2019 online learning program:

  • Pre-Assessment: This section will help you establish baseline knowledge. Learn Word 2019 the smart way, by identifying which topics you will need additional time.
  • Video Training: These are filmed to primarily showcase the process within the software. Student can see a visual representation of the correct process for a given objective.
  • Exercise Labs: After completing the video training, the exercise lab can help reinforce the learning by allowing students to complete a given objective on their own.
  • Post-Assessment: Once they’ve completed the labs and trainings, they can complete the section’s post-assessment. This shows students their new knowledge level, after going through the additional training. If they want to go back and see what they missed here, without spending time on topics they’ve already mastered.
  • Mock Exam: Best way to know how good you are is through mock exam.

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