Microsoft Word Expert – Course (MO-101)

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Word 2019 Expert is a online course geared for those who want to gain Word Expert certification , through passing exam MO-101, and learn advanced Word skills, particularly in the areas of Word settings and working with longer documents. Using the theme of working through a term paper and other long documents, this course specifically addresses document options and settings, advanced documents, advanced references, and custom Word elements. This course is great for anyone looking to gain an employability edge for jobs requiring advanced Word skills.

Feel confident, build your test-taking skills, and calm your exam fears with the MO-101 practice and learnlab, it goes beyond the ordinary learning course. With a focus on skill assessment and a performance-based format this course is sure to prepare you for your certification and provide you a competitive edge in today’s academic and professional environments.

You will create and manage professional documents of four pages or more for a variety of specialized purposes and situations. They will customize their Word environments to meet project needs, and to enhance productivity. Examples of expert-level documents include a business plan, a research paper, a book, a specialized brochure, and a mass mailing. Candidate roles may include editors, project managers, business information workers, educators and others.

We prepared exam-focused training to help you be successful in passing your Microsoft Office 2019 exams. The Microsoft Office 2019 course map directly to exam objectives.


  • Manage Documents and Templates
  • Prepare Documents for Review
  • Manage Document Changes
  • Perform Advanced Editing and Formatting
  • Create Styles
  • Create and Manage Indexes
  • Create and Manage References
  • Manage Forms, Fields, and Mail Merge Operations
  • Create and Modify Building Blocks, Macros, and Controls
  • Create Custom Style Sets and Templates
  • Prepare a document for Internationalization and Accessibility


  • Learn from an expert the Word 2019 Expert MO-101 exam objectives
  • Pre/Post test questions and interactive labs
  • Access your courseware anytime, anywhere

Here’s what you will get in this world-class Microsoft Word online learning program:

  • Pre-Assessment: This section will help you establish baseline knowledge. Learn Word the smart way, by identifying which topics you will need additional time.
  • Study Guides: After students submit the pre-assessment, they will see a topic breakdown. To the right of the topic, they can select a study guide that corresponds to the given topic. This is an expounded section that will help students get a more in-depth view of topics that may be difficult for them.
  • Video Training: These are filmed to primarily showcase the process within the software. Student can see a visual representation of the correct process for a given objective.
  • Exercise Labs: After completing the video training, the exercise lab can help reinforce the learning by allowing students to complete a given objective on their own, within the software.
  • Post-Assessment: Once they’ve completed the labs and trainings, they can complete the section’s post-assessment. This shows students their new knowledge level, after going through the additional training. If they want to go back and see what they missed here, they can use the “Resume Review” feature to go through the questions missed, without spending time on topics they’ve already mastered.
  • Flashcards: If students want additional help or definitions for key terms, flashcards are available to break those terms down. These can be found within the Glossaries tab.
  • Workbooks: Extra practice never hurts. These workbooks can be uploaded to any LMS. They are saved as PDFs so they can be downloaded and broken up as needed, giving students a section at a time, or even just an individual worksheet.

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